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Revision Policy

At ReallyProfessionalEssays.com, we are committed in providing essay papers that meets your specifications. This is the reason as to why we are always ready to revise the paper delivered to you. To facilitate this, we have in place this revision policy that helps us to define the terms of revising any given work if need be. We do provide both free of charge and charged revision. This all depends on the issues surrounding the revision of each paper.

Free of charge revision

We ensure that our customers have access to free of charge revision of the work submitted to them on different terms. This is guaranteed when the request for revision is placed way before pressing the approval button. Here, when the writer wires the complete essay paper, you get a chance to go through it in preview mode. In this case you can take note of areas you wish revised and raise them up with the writer. At the same time, the request you make need to be in line with the instructions you provide initially. However, you can request for revision after approving the received paper. In order to benefit, you need to raise the issue before seven days are over since the time of the approval. This is because we are aware that you can press the approval button by mistake. This gives you access to an unpaid revision.

Paid revision

We also provide for paid revisions. This applies when the request for revision is done seven days after the approval of the completed essay paper. We also evaluate the circumstances surrounding the need for revision especially the instructions provided. In case you need the revision done on the bases of slightly change instructions, then we require that the revision is done at a fee. In any case we always care for the interest and rights of each customer.

No revision

There are situations that we evaluate and take a decision not to revise the paper delivered to you. This happens when the need for revision is due to major changes in the instructions provided initially. In this case we advice for a fresh order for the essay paper. This is all for your good as a customer in order to get the best in our company as we consider that your paper need to written all over again. This may require us to assign the assignment to a different writer depend on the changes you make on the specifications.

In any case, in ReallyProfessionalEssays.com, we always care for the interests and rights of our customers.