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At ReallyProfessionalEssays.com, we believe in offering a space for our customers to get professional writing service while feeling fully secure. This is why we have in place an effective privacy policy to safe guard the rights of our customers. When you order for essay writing service or open an online account in our company, you need to submit some personal information that identifies you and other details that do not necessarily identify you. Thus, we wish to let you know how this information is used and secured for the good of customers.

When you are placing an order for professional essay, you need to provide a copy of your national or student’s identity card. If not, you can provide a copy of your pass port especially for the foreign students. Also, we require that you submit valid email address and phone number. The email address is very important for it is through which the complete essay paper is delivered to you. The telephone number helps our writers to maintain constant communication with you during the time of the assignment for possible clarifications and frequent updates. Your physical address and a copy of credit card are vital information that you provide to us. This is because the payments need to be done before the professional essay writer begins to work on your ordered paper and it is done online.

However, we ensure that the information you entrust to us does not find its way to the third party or anyone who is not in our company. This information is accessible to the writer handling your assignment, the quality control team who are staff in the company and the technical team who deals with data safety and processing. They get access to the details you submit to us for the sole purpose of successful processing of your order.

In addition, we have in place software that helps us to safeguard your data. We have a secure online payment system thus you can be sure that your credit card is safe from the reach of fraudsters. At the same time we have the top notch firewall and encryption technology that protects in place to protect your data. We also have the latest version of SSL software that helps in keeping your details safe.

On the other hand, we do not have a provision for the minors to order for writing services from our company. Nonetheless, we allow them to enjoy our services when they have the consent from the guardian or parents. At ReallyProfessionalEssays.com, your safety is our pleasure.