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Money Guarantee

Money back is a guarantee that we have in place as a company to make sure that the rights of each individual customer are taken care of. This policy helps us to build trust and good relationship with our customers during and after the time of assignment as the issues are ironed out amicably. Here, we seek to clarify when a refund can be done and the terms involved. We guarantee for full and partial refunds if need be.

Full refunds

At ReallyProfessionalEssays.com, we provide full refunds to individual customers in different circumstances within 14 days after the final draft has been approved. If no complaints followed after the mentioned period, it automatically means that Customer has approved the paper s/he has received. Another option you may ask for is to save money for your next order/orders or get some extra discount. When there are double payments for a single assignment, we do offer full amount of excess money back. All you need to do is to place a claim for the money and we ensure that you receive it immediately. Similarly, we give full refunds in cases where you order for our writing services and because of any reason we are unable to assign your work to a writer. This has never happened but we take in to consideration that it might be the case and you are entitled to full money back.

Partial money back

Partial money back is also a possibility in our company. We consider this when the work is submitted beyond the agreed deadline date and due to that you cannot make use of it. At the same time, a situation may arise when you need to withdraw the order for a particular assignment for personal reasons. However, in order to benefit from partial refunds you need to submit the request soon after the submission not when the work is complete.

No money back

There are situations in which your request for money back may not be honored. This may happen in cases whereby you withdraw the order when the paper is in its final stages. Similarly, you may need a refund when the company decides to terminate the order agreement on the bases of being uncooperative. This may hinder the writer from continuing with your ordered assignment prompting the company to stop the processing of the ordered paper. Also, when you need a refund done when you request for revision of the paper with changed instructions and since the company cannot honor this request free of charge you may decide to ask for a refund. in this case the company will not be able to provide money back.

In any of the cases, ReallyProfessionalEssays.com has the discretion of deciding whether to give money back fully, partial and how much or not to offer refunds at all. However, your rights will always be respected.