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Do you offer research paper writing services or only essays?

We do offer different type of writing services. We provide varying types of essays that is including the persuasive and argumentative essays, custom essay papers, term papers and essays for college together with application, descriptive, expository and narrative essays. In addition, we provide research papers and thesis based on a specific area of study and viable research topics. Therefore, you can place an order for any of the above papers in our company.

How can I trust that my ordered paper will be written as per my instructions?

When you place an order in our company, we ensure that you submit instructions to us on how you want it written. These are your specifications that guide our writers in coming up with a paper that suits your expectations. Thus, you can always be sure that the paper submitted to you is unique as it has been designed only for you.

Whom do I contact for a paper?

To start with, our website has a lot of information regarding the ordering process for the papers. However, you can contact us through the email and live chat addresses provided on our website. Also, you can call us on the phone number provided for in the website. Whichever the way you choose, our customer care personnel are always ready to receive your requests and process them promptly. Good news is that you can choose to place the order directly by filling in the order forms provided in our website and follow the steps systematically. The forms are easy to read and fill in then you submit online by pressing the submit button. In any case swift response is guaranteed.

Can I be assured of my personal information being secure and confidential?

In our company, we have in place the privacy policy that is aimed at protecting your personal information. When you entrust your personal details to us, they do not find their way to the third party especially outside the company. We also have software that helps us to keep your data secure and confidential.

How can I know that the ordered paper will be original and up to the standards?

When you place orders in our company for essays, you can trust that they will be 100% original and unique. This is because we have professional writers who are guided by the ethics of academic writing hence plagiarism is out of question. In addition, we have software with which we scan each and every complete paper for plagiarism before it is sent to the customer. In addition our writers are trained and skilled to provide academically acceptable papers as they follow the guidelines in academic writing.

Can I submit the complete essay to my supervisor as my assignment?

Submitting the paper provided by our writers is absolutely illegal and unacceptable. This is because we hold the copyright and you cannot publish or write your name on the paper as a sign of ownership. If we get to know that you have such intentions, we have a right to terminate the agreement as it breeches the terms and conditions of our company. However, you can use the papers as a reference as you can quote phrases and statements while referencing them accordingly. The paper can also be a guide to further research for your own paper.

When I order a paper do I have access to the writer?

Exactly! Once you order for a paper from our company, it is assigned to a particular writer. The writer maintains constant communication with you through phone calls, emails and live chats. In this case, the writer seeks to clarify some issues if need be and provides timely updates of the progress of the work. in this way you can always have access to the writer handling your assignment.

When do I pay and how?

Once the order for your paper has been received, you are supposed to submit payment for the writer to start working on it. We have an online payment system that is safe and effective. Thus, you can pay using PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Maestro credit cards. In case you have another type of credit card you need to contact us to advice you accordingly.

What is the qualification of the writers in your company?

In our company we hire writers who are professional and duly qualified for writing services. We have writers with good command of the English Language both spoken and written. At the same time we ensure that our writers have master’s degree or PHD in relevant fields from recognized universities. This makes it possible for us to provide quality papers in our company.

What topics do you specialize on?

In our company, we deal with any type of topic requested by the customer. This is because the writers we have are prepared to write essays on a variety of topics. Hence once you order a paper from our company, it is assigned to the writer who has specialized in that particular topic.