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ReallyProfessionalEssays.com is committed in making the writing services available to you 24/7. In this you can access sample papers through your online account with us or you can place an order for the papers at any one given time. However, we wish to notify you that the company will not be legally responsible for the consequences in case the information on this website is no longer available for any given period of time. This can be due to technical issues that are beyond the company.

At the same time the company will not be held legally responsible what so ever for the personal decisions made after using the contents in the website, for injuries or costs incurred. Also, if you are unable to use the work delivered to you or the information provided for in the website, the company will not be obliged to give refunds. Kindly note that the company takes it as a responsibility to make available writing services to all the customers. Nonetheless, the information, materials or contents in the web pages of the company or submitted as samples or ordered work does not amount to legal or professional advice.

Please note that ReallyProfessionalEssays.com holds the copy right exclusively. Thus, when you order papers from the company you are prohibited from writing your name on the work and attributing it to yourself. In addition, you are not allowed to publish the paper for other people as your own work unless used as a sample. When you receive the completed assignment as you have ordered, note that you can only use it as a sample or a guide for further research or for writing your own academic paper. You are not allowed to submit it to your supervisor as your piece as assignment.

When the ordered work is complete it will always be sent to you through the email address provided to the company. This will always be done within the agreed deadline date and time. In case of any slight delays the writers will always communicate with you. Kindly note that the company will not be held responsible for any delays resulting from the technical hitches of your browser or computer. Also if you provide the wrong email address the company will not be responsible for the lost papers.

Note that plagiarism will only become an issue when it is beyond 11%. However, the cliché phrases, in text referencing and bibliography will always be cone following the set academic writing guidelines but they will not be considered as plagiarism whatsoever.

At ReallyProfessionalEssays.com all the terms in revision and money back apply.